Single BU - Uncirculated 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

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You will receive a United States 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars in Uncirculated condition! These will come in archival 2x2 flip.

Thanks to the congressional authorizations extended to the U.S. Mint by the Bland-Allison Act, the Sherman Silver Purchase Act, and the Pittman Act, the Morgan silver dollar was struck from 1878 to 1904 and then again in 1921. Designed by George T. Morgan, the coins — which are an impressive 38mm wide — depict Lady Liberty on the obverse and a valiant eagle on the reverse. Due to the series’ relative longevity, Morgan dollars were struck at five mints: Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, Carson City, and San Francisco. Today, they are heavily pursued by collectors and are perhaps the most popular coin type.